In a recent twitter Chat, we heard from parents, service providers, health care workers, educators and youth. So many people expressed their personal experiences, shared their ideas on how to make things better – this kind of sharing is critical if change is going to happen.

Here are some examples of the kinds of messages that were shared.

Many people called on our provincial leaders to step up and help kids and families waiting for mental healthcare services:

Show the Ont govt the successes of other provinces and countries with respect to other Youth Mental Health initiatives. #kidscantwait – @c_todd

BC Govt has supported Integrated Youth Mental Health by establishing The Foundry -- @c_todd

Early diagnosis saves govt thousands in therapy care, yet 1.5 years to wait for treatment for some kids in crisis?Do the math. #kidscantwait -- @coreyhirsch

Start treating mental health care no different from physical. It's just as urgent, fatal. No child waits 4 cast -- @courttee

@Kathleen_Wynne more resources are needed to provide #mentalhealt services bc #kidscantwait and saves govt thousand --@ailidhalys

@Kathleen_Wynne We need to have mental health put into our education program, so that our youth can get educated on this!! #KidsCantWait - @itsjaydonTurge

If story after story after story doesn't change your mind, crunch the numbers @Kathleen_Wynne #kidscantwai -- @bethNowosad

Encourage teachers/caregivers in schools to start a discussion & make resources readily available #kidscantwait -- @cmhaOntario

Hoping to hear some really good news for child/youth/emerging adult mental health in budget. #kidscantwait @SousaCharles @Kathleen_Wynne -- @HRisInnovative

Make sure your MPP knows mental health is a priority; get them working for you #kidscantwait -- @jodieechakowitz

More funding needs to be allocated to mental health to reduce wait lists, make it more accessible for all. #kidscantwait -- @jodieechakowitz

Mental health services need to be accessible to avoid unnecessary hospital stays #kidscantwait @kidsmentalhlth @Kathleen_Wynne -- @klukawecky

Given that 1 in 4 children/youth have mental health issues, we need to increase the funding to match the need -- @NYCyouthcentre

Call your MPP ensure the they know that kids mental health should be a priority because #kidscantwait -- @ONTspecialneeds


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