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CMHO Response to Ontario Autism Program Announcement


CMHO is seeking to work with government to develop solutions to help children with concurrent autism and mental health issues that require intensive supports. We are concerned the February 3rd announcement does not include a plan for these kids and families with the most significant needs.

Research tells us that many kids with autism, as many as 70%, will go on to develop mental health issues, sometimes very significant illness. Mental health issues, left untreated, can be lifelong. Families tell us that Ontario doesn’t do a good job of meeting these kids needs, and COVID-19 is making it even harder for these families.

We need the government’s help to build up capacity and services to support these kids and families so they have the same opportunities as other kids to succeed.

As Ontario’s specialized care providers in children’s mental health, CMHO’s child and youth mental health centres are ready, willing and able to deliver wrap-around care for these families, who have faced so many burdens in the pandemic. We know these families are looking to us for help and we look forward to working with the government to develop those solutions.


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