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CMHO’s 2020 Report on Wait Lists and Wait Times For Child and Youth Mental Health Care shows 28,000 children and youth (under 18) are waiting for mental health and addiction services.

The data also revealed wide and inequitable gaps in access to child and youth mental health care. Wait times dramatically differ from region to region and impact the type of service a child receives. Some children are waiting up to 2.5 years and children with severe or complex mental health issues requiring intensive treatment are waiting the longest.

Furthermore, there are significant gaps and lack of culturally competent services including targeted outreach and co-design with priority populations. Research shows gaps in services for some populations including Black, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQ+, Francophone and immigrant children and youth.


Kids Waiting


Longest Days Waiting

Our children are our future and families can’t afford to wait any longer. We are urging that the Ontario government include an additional $150 million per year to ensure that no child or young person waits longer than 30 days for mental health treatment. This crucial investment will facilitate the hiring and training of 1,400 front-line professionals and help 30,000 more Ontario families.

Looking for more data on how wait times and the rising costs of inadequate mental health services will impact families and the economy. Click here for the Full Report if you are interested in the French version click here.

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