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Policy, Public Education

Advocacy Reports

Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) works to identify and develop solutions to important policy issues affecting our members—community-based child and youth mental health agencies, and their clients—children, youth, and families across Ontario.

Public Education and Advocacy Reports

Addressing the Health Human Resources Challenges Facing Ontario’s Community Child and Youth Mental Health System

Addressing Urgent Workforce Challenges in Child and Youth Mental Health

Insights Report on Ontario Health Teams and Community Child and Youth Mental Health

Report on Wait Times and Wait Lists

Return to School during COVID-19

Le retour à l’école durant la COVID-19

The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health Needs

Background on Ontario’s Child & Youth Mental Health Agencies

CYMH Agencies Continue to Put Kids and Families First, Through Responsible Stewardship of Public

Health System Integration Member Survey Summary


Update on CIHI’s Hospitalization Utilization Data and CMHO’s Costing Data


Report Card: The Burden of Kids Mental Illness on Families & the Economy

Youth-Led Policy 

Adjusting the Spotlight:
Re-Centering Neglected BIPOC Youth Voices Surrounding Mental Health

Ajuster le point de mire :

Ajuster le point de mire : Recentrer les voix négligées des jeunes personnes autochtones, noires et de couleur (PANDC) entourant la santé mentale

From Crisis to Quality

Adjusting the Spotlight:

Government Submissions

Toolkits & Resources



Adapting to the Regulation of Psychotherapy in Ontario

Policy Papers & Positions Statements


CMHO’s Vision of the Child and Youth Mental Health System



From Crisis to Quality – The Family Edition

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