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2021 CMHO

Virtual Conference

Nov 22 – Dec 3 


The pandemic has shone a spotlight on and exacerbated many of the longstanding gaps in child and youth mental health. At the same time, we have seen new and innovative ways of partnering and providing service emerge. We’re at a crossroads where we can keep doing things the same way, or we can re-imagine a better future.

Over the course of two weeks, we hosted a series of webinars featuring experts in our sector who helped us explore, how we might collectively re-imagine the future of child and youth mental health.

Session Recordings & Slides

All of the recordings and slides we are able to share are linked below.
If you do not see a particular session below, it is because it is not available.

Cyber Attack: Surviving an Incident

Speaker: Bob White (Youth Services Bureau)

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The pandemic has shifted a large majority of our work into the online space leaving us more vulnerable to cyber attacks like phishing.  This presentation will review a real-life cyber attack incident and cover the steps taken to ensure a smooth operational recovery.  Discussion will focus on steps taken in the immediate aftermath, as well as preventative measures we can all take moving forward to prevent future attacks.

Adjusting the Spotlight: Re-centering Neglected BIPOC Youth Voices Surrounding Mental Health

Speakers: CMHO and The New Mentality’s Youth Action Committee

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Join The New Mentality and Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s Youth Action Committee (YAC) discuss their soon to be released policy paper, “Adjusting the Spotlight: Re-centering Neglected BIPOC Youth Voices Surrounding Mental Health.” This 90-minute session led by youth advocates in the YAC will be an opportunity to hear about the policy paper’s findings and recommendations that have been compiled over the last year. Youth will also share their lived experiences and facing persistent racial inequities while accessing and understanding the mental health system. Youth Advocates will participate in a moderated discussion to close off this session.

The Value of Peer Support: A Core Service in Ontario

Speaker: Betty Lou Kristy

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In this session, we will explore what peer support is, the value peer support brings to services and organizations, and how this impact can be measured. We will discuss the current state of Peer Support in Ontario and share about successful integration of peer support within community organizations and Health Service Providers.  Peer support training opportunities and key resources related to the implementation and integration of Peer Support will be shared.

Support House’s Centre for Innovation in Peer Support provides wellness based, peer-led self-help and social connections programming to community members; and support to organizations who have peer staff, through training in peer-support program implementation, capacity-building, evaluation, research, knowledge brokerage, and quality improvement.

Shifting Behaviours, Shifting Minds: The Shift from High-Performing Clinician to High-Performing Manager Through Incremental Behaviour Change

Speakers: Hugh MacPhie, Erica Naccarato

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Leadership isn’t easy. It is especially difficult to lead your team through a global pandemic, specifically within an essential sector. Over the past year and a half, mental health agencies have experienced immense levels of uncertainty and change, and have had to swiftly adapt their systems, processes, and most importantly – their ability to effectively perform as individuals while also leading their teams through such adverse times. In this 60-minute session, MacPhie will share the key learnings, experiences, and outcomes of their High-Performing Teams Leadership Training series, which incorporates a streamline of training sessions sustained through incremental behaviour change, and was conducted with multiple CMHO agencies in 2021.

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario: Using Measurement-Based Care to Enhance Mental Health and Addiction Services for Young People

Speakers: Joanna Henderson, Debbie Chiodo

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Youth Wellness Hub Ontario (YWHO) is a provincial initiative with 14 established integrated youth service hubs across the province. This webinar will describe the features of the YWHO model, with a particular focus on the implementation of measurement-based care within clinical services for youth between the ages of 12 and 25. In addition, this webinar will highlight the importance of including measurements that are meaningful and sensitive to youth’s goals and developmental stages.

Capturing Data and Lived Experience: How do we build capacity for Autism and Mental Health?

Speakers: Jonathan Weiss, Cathy Lonergan, Murphy-Issac Boyse

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Join us as youth, parents, and caregivers ground us in their lived experience with autism and mental health challenges. Dr. Jonathan Weiss will share key findings analysis of the 2021 provincial survey results for mental health providers from our Building Capacity Initiative. We will highlight the experiences from the Lead Agency, Youth Services Bureau in Ottawa of how this work is helping to build sector capacity to provide mental health services for children and youth with autism.

Re-thinking How We Support Children and Youth with Complex Mental Health Needs

Speakers: Laurel Johnson, Shona Casola

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Kinark will present best and leading practices in their efforts to improve their clinical service delivery system for children and youth with complex mental health needs. Kinark’s journey over the past 7 years has included a redevelopment of the clinical staffing structure, standardized assessment procedures, and evidence-based intervention practices. In addition, Kinark introduced measurement-based care tools and procedures and implemented a competency-based supervision model. Lessons learned for the sector will be shared.

Parental Mental Health – Facilitating Positive Interdependence

Speaker: Leanne Minichillo

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Parental mental health is often an unintentionally overlooked element of children’s mental health. Facilitating a safe space for parents to explore their own mental health, and to seek help if they need it, can have a positive impact on their child. Leanne created to support this idea.

This 90-minute session will present the lived experience perspective on pursuing treatment for a parent’s mental health concerns and for a child with an ADHD diagnosis. The session will provide insights on how a parent with a late-life diagnosis parents a child with ADHD while managing both of their health conditions. The session will also touch on the notion that parents who seek help, at any age, with undiagnosed mental health concerns, can benefit the entire family.

FASD and Mental Health: A Fireside Chat with Providers and People with Lived Experience 

Speakers: Nancy Lockwood (FASD Consultant), Angela Geddes, Janet Carioni, Reinier DeSmit

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This session will open with a brief presentation about FASD and mental health, followed by a fireside chat and discussion on why timely assessment is important, the journey following diagnosis, and how to build capacity in your region to support those with FASD, with a focus on mental health. The speakers will draw on their personal experiences with barriers to diagnosis, including accessibility and stigma. Panelists will also draw on their experiences to highlight the importance of supporting the mental health of the entire family, including caregivers and siblings.

Thank you to our sponsor:

 The Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
  • The sessions will be offered by Zoom Meetings.

  • Advance registration is required for each individual session through the links above

What are the fees?
  • This year, there are no registration fees for our virtual conference in recognition of all the hard work everyone has been doing through the pandemic!
Who are the sessions for?
  • The sessions are designed for community child and youth mental health leaders, clinicians and policymakers – but are open to anyone interested in child and youth mental health.
Will sessions be recorded?
  • When permitted we will be recording the sessions and making them available after the Conference.
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