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Thank you, moms


Thank you, moms


Written by Andrea Tagalakis, Family Partnership Program Manager, CMHO

Mother’s Day is around the corner, a day to celebrate all moms, and caregivers who take on the role of a mom. While we celebrate the moms in our lives this weekend, we also recognize that this will be our second Mother’s Day in a pandemic, and it might feel a little different. It is okay to grieve and miss the gatherings with family and the unique traditions and ways your family would normally celebrate mom.

For so many of us the pandemic has felt really tough this year. It has been especially tough on moms.  The day-to-day has at times, felt like an impossible balancing act – managing working from home, supporting kids with remote learning, all while navigating heightened feelings of stress and anxiety related to the ever-changing pandemic.

This weekend, as I celebrate the role I play as a mom, I’m also thinking of and celebrating the work of an incredible group of moms from the Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) network. In my role as Family Partnership Program Manager at CMHO, I work closely with PCMH and have witnessed firsthand, the work being accomplished by this groups of moms (and dads!).

This fantastic group of moms fiercly advocate for their children, laying the groundwork for their kids to access timely mental health support in our province. They work tirelessly to continue the conversation around children’s mental health and the need for timely, accessible support and care. They cope by seeking out other moms and dads who have children with mental health challenges, through peer support groups. These groups welcome moms and dads navigating the system, many of whom might be feeling defeated and isolated and support them so that they no longer feel alone.

These moms are superheroes and getting to work alongside them everyday inspires me.

It is to these moms that I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for all that you do. Your impact has far greater reach than you could ever imagine. Happy Mother’s Day!

Please also remember that you are not alone! Our child and youth mental health centres are available to help children, youth, and their families. Find help.



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