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This presentation will provide an overview of the newly revised Early Assessment Risk List Version 3 (EARL-V3), a device to assess the risk of antisocial behaviour in children under 12. We will describe the rigorous process in updating the tool according to the latest scientific evidence and best practice, discuss how strive towards equity by adopting a gender and culturally responsive lens, and how to use the tool to inform treatment and prevention strategies. The identification of risks is foundational to the development of strategies to prevent aggressive and rule-breaking behavior in children.

As the use of the EARL-V3 is increasing across Europe and North America, validating the psychometric properties of a revised tool is of utmost importance. The second part of this presentation will present resent research findings from the tool. Firstly, we will present the first validity findings on the EARL-V3, showing that the device is a robust, user-friendly, and reliable assessment of risk. Secondly, we will present findings on gender differences in the frequency and presentation of risk factors, highlighting the most prominent risks for engaging in antisocial behaviour.


Leena Augimeri, Child Development Institute

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