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Messages of Support


During our recent Twitter Chat with parents and caregivers, we asked: What message of support and encouragement would you like to offer to other families who are having a really tough time?

We received so many great responses and wanted to share them with you. We know these are challenging days, and we hope these messages from fellow parents across Ontario help.

Don’t be afraid to talk about COVID. Most kids will have already heard about it, so you shouldn’t avoid talking about it. Not talking about it can actually make kids worry more. It’s an opportunity to convey the facts and set the emotional tone.  – St Clair Child &YS (@StClairChild)

This too shall pass.  Connect with each other. Slow things down. Together we will get past this -Kimberly Moran (@kmoranONT)

Stay healthy and strong! We will get through this and try to help others especially kids and seniors!  -Raheeq Khalil (@Raheeq_Khalil)

We are better together, stay virtually connected -Jessica EMYS (@Jess_SocialYOW)

Thank you to all the parents and caregivers to supporting our youth during this time! You’ve got this, remember to breath and take some time for yourself too 👏🏻 -The New Mentality (@TNMengage)

 You are not alone..we are in this together. I’m here to support in whatever capacity is needed. Seek help..keep advocating for your loved one’s. Recognize everyone is doing their best. -Shaylene Pind (@SP_Pind)

A message of encouragement that I would like to offer others during this time is that this pass and we will learn.  The duration will depend on the choices we make daily and the learning will depend on the amount of self-reflection that occurs.  -Robert Dunlop (@robdunlopEDU)


Hope is more contagious than COVID-19. Hope survives longer in the air than COVID-19. Spread hope. Share hope -Dr Javeed Sukhera (@javeedsukhera)


Reach out to others if you are in need in need of help. Social media is a great place to connect with your community in this crisis. Connect online with neighbors. I have yet to hear of a problem that has no solution. We’re all in this together -Jason Koblovsky (@jkobopoli)


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