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The New Mentality’s The Gifts of Our People program is a brave space for racialized youth to engage in meaningful dialogue about their lived experiences and the impacts of racism within the sector. Together they reclaim the tools their cultures provide to liberate them from oppression. The Gifts of Our People will open with an Art Navigation to ground the participants in a 90-minute “fishbowl style” conversation, where onlookers will witness an open dialogue exploring various aspects of being Black, Indigenous and racialized in a Canadian context.

Youth and advisors of The Gifts of Our People will unpack their experiences of racism within the sector, discuss their most recent contributions to the network, and what they believe is necessary to make the Child and Youth Mental Health sector a brave space for all youth. Participants will take away actionable strategies to engage youth, and create youth leadership opportunities for youth to organize and lead braver spaces where racialized youth can unpack their feelings, thoughts and emotions about how racism affects their daily lives.

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